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A few weeks ago on Instagram we launched our search for homeschools around the world. Our aim, to colour in a map showing all the different homeschools around the world. We were amazed by the response and now have lots of countries coloured in...but we need your help!

Countries listed so far in our homeschools around the world search are Canada, USA, Mexico, England, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Belgium, Uganda, Oman, South Africa, Pakistan, India, and Australia. If you homeschool in a country that hasn't been mentioned then drop us a comment below or on Instagram and we'll add you to the map.

Our aim is to fill the map with homeschools around the world and see if we can fill it up...can we reach 197?

We'll also be interviewing homeschools around the world and featuring them on this blog and social media channels. It's going to fascinating to learn about how different global homeschools teach geography and the general ups and downs of homeschool life in different countries.

Join us in our search and add to our map. Comment below with your country of homeschool residence or contact us on Instagram @archiboldclutterbuck. We look forward to hearing from you and adding you to our homeschools around the world map.

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