A continent is a group of countries collected together under one name.

Usually this is decided by how close the countries are to each other

and how much of a shared culture they have.


There are 7 continents of the world and they are:

Click on one of the continents above and discover who lives there, what animals there are

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Learn about the continents of the world
Kaia Patel


It is widely accepted that there are 7 continents in the world however sometimes this number can changed depending on how you group countries. See some examples below:

Eurasia - This would include Europe and Asia as they are both connected together.

The Americas - This would include North, Central and South America all three land masses and countries are connected.

Australasia - This would include only Australia and New Zealand. The name Oceania includes the Pacific Islands to the East.


1. Take a look at the map of the World.

2. Try and make a new continent of your own and explain why.

3. Is it because there are lots of countries connected together? Do they share a similar culture. Do they have the same animals?