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Learn about the world in a different way and get involved in one of our great activities for kids! There's free activities, fun interactive quizzes and our awesome 12 page activity packs to download on all our core subjects!

Head below to get involved and test your knowledge!

Activities for kids


Endangered Animals Activity Pack
7 Continents Activity Pack
Indigenous People Activity Pack
Free activity pack on Antarctica
Environments Activity Pack
Flags of the World Activity Pack
Oceans Activity Pack


Fun World Quizzes for Kids - World Conti
Quiz on the worlds environments for kids
Where In The World Quiz for kids
More quizzes...


Activities for Kids - Colour In Sheets

Get your coloured pencils, paints and pens out and colour in some of our favourite adventures. 


Click the links below

for the free print-outs!

 New Delhi Rickshaw 

 Rio Carnival 

 Texan Cowboys 

Activities for Kids - Where I've Been World Map

Your own map to chart where you've travelled to in the world. Colour in each country you've been to and where you'd love to go. Print up to A3!

Click the links below

for the free print-out!

Where I've Been Map

Activities for Kids - Wordsearch

Finding new things is all part of the exploration so why not grab one of these wordsearches and start the hunt.

Click the links below

for the free print-outs!




Activities for Kids - Crosswords

Follow the clues and see if you can guess the answers to these mind-puzzling crosswords.

Click the links below

for the free print-outs!


Capital Cities 


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