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Continent: Oceania
Capital City: Canberra
Population: 24 million +
Official Language: English
Currency: Australian Dollar
Main Religion: Christianity

Australia Flag
Fun Facts about Australia - Kaia's Worldly Adventure

The Bungle Bungles
Someone told me about these strange rock formations in Western Australia so I had to check them out. There are hundreds of time these rocks stretching all over the Purnululu NP. They're created by the wind over many thousands of years and have strong banding due the differences in rock layers!

Fun Facts about Australia - Kaia's Worldly Adventure

A huge rock protruding from the centre of Australia, right in the middle of the desert. It's a sacred place for the indigenous Aboriginal people who have lived on the land surrounding Uluru for many thousands of years. The land is currently owned by the Anangu people who then lease it back to the Australian government as a national park.

Fun Facts about Australia - Kaia's Worldly Adventure

Great Barrier Reef

My final few weeks in Oz and I couldn't go without seeing the Great Barrier Reef.
Snorkelling off the East coast of Australia in the Great Barrier Reef is like delving into a new world. So many colourful fish and coral! The reef is a staggering 2,300km long from top to bottom and is the world's largest reef ecosystem. It also has over 1,500 fish species living in it which is 10% of the entire world's! . 

Top 5 australian animals -

Join me as we'll discover and learn about the world and every country it has to offer. I'll delve into my favourite experience, sight or people that I visit and meet along the way and give you some fun facts. I'll also be taking a snap as I travel so take a peel below to see where I've been so far.

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Kaias worldly adventure


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