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Fun Facts about aboriginals fo kids


Aboriginals live throughout Australia. Clans often lived on areas of land that they managed and took care of. Sadly in more modern times this land has been mostly lost with the exception of areas such as Arnhem Land and Uluru where communities still retain their traditional ownership.

How they live

There are no chiefs or leaders within the Aboriginal culture. Respect is given to elders and those that possess a high skill level such as a great hunter or crafts person.

Being a nomadic people their homes or shelters are often temporary. They can be made from anything  from branches and bark to more solid structures such as a cave. Australia is a warm climate so most of the time clans would sleep outside next to camp fires.

Map of Australia

Religion and culture

Aboriginal beliefs and culture revolve around the Dreamtime. They believe that spirits, sometimes in the form of animals, are the creators of the world and it's important sites. In many communities the snake, or Rainbow Serpent, is highly significant as the creator of the world. Turning it from a flat plain to the vibrant place we live in today.

Food and drink

As a nomadic people their diet is foraged and often changes from day to day. You may have heard of the term 'bush tucker' which represents food collected and eaten from the wild. 

Food such as berries, plants, insects etc are foraged as well as hunted fish and animals such as Bandicoots, Kangaroos and even Koalas! Some of which are caught by using a special hunting boomerang, cleverly designed to return to it's owner if it doesn't hit anything.


The traditional aboriginal instrument, the Didgeridoo is over 1,500 years old! 

It's relaxing drone is an important part of culture and celebration. Different noises represent certain Australian animals.




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