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East Africa


Maasai warriors are excellent jumpers.

Their jumping dance, known as Adumu, is used by the men to attract a potential wife. The highest jumper is the most desirable.


The great savannah's of Kenya and Tanzania. The Maasai are semi-nomadic and move with the seasons to provide food and water for their cattle and themselves.

How they live

It is the women's job to build the families homes. These are usually made from mud, woven wood and cow dung.

The men must tend to the livestock and look after their families which includes building a thorn fence around the village to stop wild animals from entering. Especially Lions who will eat the cattle.

Map of Kenya and Tanzania
fun fact about the maasai for kid

Religion and culture

The Maasai believe in one creator God, Ngai. He appears as two forms one is good and black whilst the other is evil and red. Some Maasai also practice Christianity.

Food and drink

Like many nomadic peoples the Maasai rely heavily on cattle for food and drink. This would consist of meat and milk. At some celebrations and rites of passage cattle's blood is drunk.

In some  tribes crop farming is frowned upon as it ruins the land for grazing cattle.


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