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Saharan Regions



Desert regions of Northern and Western Africa. Their culture spreads as far as North as Algeria and Libya and as far South West as Mali and Burkina Faso. 

How they live

Famed for their caravan trading they are a semi-nomadic people. They travel and trade everything from food to clothes to camels which they use as transport.

As desert dwelling peoples they traditionally live in red tents made from dyed animal skins. Goat skins are most popular.

Map of North and Western Africa
fun facts about the tuareg for kids

Religion and culture

Most share an Islamic faith but many communities still include elements of their own traditions and rituals that have become intertwined over many years. 

Food and drink

Milk is very important for the Tuareg and they get it from milking their cattle, either goats or camels. Also mint tea is very popular.

To eat they take bread and dip into sauces made from vegetable gained in towns they pass through. Meat is not commonly eaten, usually only during special occasions.


Tuareg men are sometimes called 'Blue Men'.

During special celebrations they wear a blue veil around their head which  dyes their skin blue, hence the nickname.


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