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FREE lockdown learning - The 7 Continents

Free resources are our primary aim and what better way to start your lockdown geography lessons than teaching your kids all about the 7 Continents...

Our free to use website is packed full of interesting ways to learn about all 7 of the worlds continents from Africa to Oceania, Asia to Europe. Each continent has its own page full of fun facts, insights into its geography and not to forget all its amazing animals. There are in depth maps that show each and every country and also some quick facts to get their learning off to a flying start.

Our site is perfect for young explorers with an easy to read layout, scattered with relevant images to aid them in their quest to be expert worldly adventurers. If they are not quite up to speed with their reading then there are plenty of fun videos to watch from an overview of the 7 Continents to continent specific videos in Archie's Top 5s.

Plus there are quizzes on each of the 7 continents and downloadable activity packs, maps and posters. Who said lockdown learning couldn't be fun!

Click on the links below to start your worldly adventure with your little one.

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