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Your FREE Antarctica activity pack

Hello adventurers, it's Friday and we're off to a frozen land for this weeks free kids activity pack. That's right this week its the continent of Antarctica. If you're still yet to download the other 5 free activity packs then do so here or below.

Antarctica is the worlds driest, coldest and windiest continent. No one owns it but it is governed by over 50 countries and is used as a base for scientific research. As well as the odd scientist there are many amazing animals such as the Elephant Seal, the Albatross and the magnificent Emperor Penguin. There's so much to discover! Head to our website to learn more about Antarctica, then test your knowledge below and download our FREE activity pack on the continent of Oceania.

Every week for 7 weeks we'll be giving you a FREE activity pack to share with your children on each of the 7 Continents. Simply click the link below, sign up to our mailing list and get your download...its that easy.

We hope you enjoy and please stay safe. Let us know how you get on on our Instagram and Facebook @archiboldclutterbuck

*If you've already signed up to our mailing list then check your emails :)

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