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Your FREE North America activity pack

Hello adventurers, we're pleased to launch our newest free kids activity pack...this time on North America. There are 12 jam-packed pages in this free geography activity pack for your child to explore, from word searches to colour ins, draw the animals to name that country!

North America is vast and full of fascinating people and places. From high up in the Southern hemisphere where you'll find Polar Bears, Inuits and great mountains to way far south where you'll explore Caribbean islands, Mayan pyramids and lot's of incredible cultures. If you and your children want to learn more about North America before filling in the free activity pack then follow this link to our website.

This is the LAST free activity pack in this series :(. Over the last 7 weeks we've shared 7 free activity packs for your homeschool geography lessons on each of the 7 continents. If you missed any of them then simply click the link below, sign up to our mailing list and get your downloads...its that easy.

We hope you enjoy and please stay safe. Let us know how you get on on our Instagram and Facebook @archiboldclutterbuck

*If you've already signed up to our mailing list then check your emails :)

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