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Your FREE Asia activity pack

Hello adventurers, it's time for another FREE activity pack for all you homeschoolers new and old. This week we're heading to Asia as voted for by you guys on social media. If you're still yet to download the other 3 free activity packs then do so here or below.

This weeks continent is Asia and what a vast and interesting place it is. From the deserts of the West in countries such as Saudi Arabia and Oman to the beaches and rainforests of the East in places like the Philippines and Thailand. Not to mention the incredibly diverse wildlife, Pandas, Tigers and Pangolins to name but a few. Head to our website to learn more about Asia then test your knowledge below and download our FREE activity pack on the Asian continent.

Every week for the next 7 weeks we'll be giving you a FREE activity pack to share with your children on each of the 7 Continents. Simply click the link below, sign up to our mailing list and get your download...its that easy.

We hope you enjoy and please stay safe. Let us know how you get on on our Instagram and Facebook @archiboldclutterbuck

*If you've already signed up to our mailing list then check your emails :)

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