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Continent: Oceania

Capital City: Delap-Uliga-Djarrit

Population: 53,100 +

Official Language: Marshallese and English

Currency: US Dollar

Main Religion: Christianity

This was not something I had planned to discover here in the Marshall Islands but...they have HUGE crabs! Coconut crabs to be exact and not surprisingly they are the largest type of crab in the world. So large in fact, they climb palm trees and knock off the coconuts to eat!! Extraordinary.

Fun Facts about the Marshall Islands
Fun Facts about the Marshall Islands

Setting aside the crabs for now, the Marshallese are one of the most experienced ocean navigators in the world. Their techniques knowledge and expertise go back 1000 of years and are still continued to this day. A device called a Stick Chart, which you can see here, was created by the islanders to navigate the unpredictable tides and waves over the archipelago. The shells relate to the position of the each atoll or island and the sticks represent the waves, tides and swells. This sophisticated technique has made them masters of the ocean.

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