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Kiribati flag

Continent: Oceania

Capital City: Tarawa

Population:116,400 +

Official Language: Gilbertese and English

Currency: Kiribati Dollar and Australian Dollar

Main Religion: Christianity

As soon as I arrive I’m already in the wrong. Kiribati is not pronounced as you think, in fact it’s Kiri-BAS. After my apologies I jump ashore to explore. Kiribati is made up of 33 islands stretching across a huge area of the South Pacific, 3.55 million sq km to be exact. It’s safe to say this country has a LOT of ocean.

Fun facts about Kiribati
Fun facts about Kiribati

It’s no wonder then that I spend a lot of my time riding in their world famous fast canoes, which is good news as it’s the ocean that I’ve come to see. I grab my snorkel one morning and head to the largest protected marine zone in the world, The Phoenix Islands Protected Zone. It’s a pure delight as I swim amongst the coral spotting animals such as Manta Rays, Sharks, Turtles and so many fish I could hardly count!

Join me as we'll discover and learn about the world and every country it has to offer. I'll delve into my favourite experience, sight or people that I visit and meet along the way and give you some fun facts. I'll also be taking a snap as I travel so take a peel below to see where I've been so far.

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Kaias worldly adventure


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