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Tuvalu Flag

Continent: Oceania

Capital City: Funafuti

Population: 11,190 +

Official Language: Tuvaluan and English

Currency: Tuvaluan Dollar

Main Religion: Christianity

These low-lying islands, some only 5m above sea level, have so much unique culture and traditions to soak up. As I landed there were some locals standing by the airstrip. No sooner had we stepped off the plane they raced back onto the open strip to play a game of Te Ano. A bit similar to volleyball except there are 2 balls! Looked a bit too fast for my liking.

As day turned to night I was treated to a traditional dance called the Fatele. Amazing dancers came out dressed in colourful skirts, headbands and garlands. The traditional Fatele was danced sitting down using only arms and body movement but today it’s performed for guests standing and full of energy.

Due to climate change the islands of Tuvalu along with many others within the South Pacific could be flooded over by rising sea levels. With hope, positive action can be done to save this amazing place.

Fun Facts about Tuvalu - Kaia's Worldly Adventure

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Kaias worldly adventure


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