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Continent: Oceania

Capital City: Nukuʻalofa

Population:108,000 +

Official Language: Tongan and English

Currency: Tongan paʻanga

Main Religion: Christianity

A small island nation in the South Pacific Ocean, part of a series of islands collectively named Polynesia. You can certainly leave the tourist traps behind here. Tonga is so laid back and full of traditional culture. As you’ll see in the photos above I visited the Ha'amonga-A-Maui, which is a HUGE stone structure built many hundreds of years ago by the islands indigenous people as a gateway to the royal throne. A royalty that still exists today. In fact Tonga’s monarchy is the only one in the entire South Pacific.

Fun Facts about Tonga - Kaia's Worldly Adventure
Fun Facts about Tonga - Kaia's Worldly Adventure

...Oh and I also had to stop by the beach and check out the sea pigs! They are wild pigs that eat the majority of their food from the ocean...probably no that odd bearing in mind they live on an island!

Join me as we'll discover and learn about the world and every country it has to offer. I'll delve into my favourite experience, sight or people that I visit and meet along the way and give you some fun facts. I'll also be taking a snap as I travel so take a peel below to see where I've been so far.

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Kaias worldly adventure


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