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"The map is a wonderfully illustrated, large glossy resource for learning about the world. James pointed out where England was, and then spotted an elephant on one of the countries. “I think we’ve been there?” he asked, “is it India?” I agreed.


James then suggested he could draw the Taj Mahal, which we visited earlier this year. After a moment he asked if I had a picture to help his memory so he’d get it right, and I quickly hopped on to The Worldly Adventures of Archibold Clutterbuck website. There, one of Archibold’s friends Kaia had visited the Taj Mahal and had written some information about it as well as a photo.


James drew the Taj Mahal, and then said, “I’m going to colour the water in, like in the picture here, but there wasn’t any water while we were there. But that’s ok.”

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"My extensive hunt for a fun and exciting geography resource for my 7 year old came to an end when I found an absolutely brilliant children’s geography pack! Archilbold Clutterbuck is and has been the perfect find and I no longer spend endless night trying to create and find fun filled resources.


So why is it so good?


It isn’t just the fact that you receive a world map, ‘Continents explorer journal’ and stickers, it is more than the physical items. The website is bursting with information, endless facts and short videos. The best part is, it isn’t like trying to get a 7 year old to read the dictionary(!), it is fun, colourful and engaging. Everything is simple enough for children to understand, yet the information is there too, so no compromises on that front! 


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"I have never seen them so motivated on a Monday morning! With its child-friendly format and lively illustrations, the boys were intrigued and delved further into their studies"

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"It was lovely the girls reminiscing about different animals they’d seen on holiday when filling out a page on animals.


The journals focus on all different characters and I love the concept of all these wonderfully eccentric explorers guiding them through all the information. In a sea of children’s products which are generally marketed towards girls or boys, I love that this is about exploring and places and characters and so whether it’s pink or blue isn’t relevant. 

They would be fantastic to take out with you on road trips, days out or simple meals as great boredom busters."

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"Through their awesome website, youtube videos, free worksheets, and other products, children are taught to be resourceful, looking for the information they need, and deciding which direction they want to take their learning."

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"These resources have been a brilliant way for us to incorporate geography into our homeschool. The children are enjoying using their travel journals to fill in facts about the countries they have been learning about."

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