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Palau Flag

Continent: Oceania

Capital City: Ngerulmud

Population: 21,729 +

Official Language: Palauan

Currency: USA Dollar

Main Religion: Christianity

Palau - Golden Jellyfish
Palau - Giant Clam

Palau includes the largest island in Micronesia and is easily as much an astounding above ground as it is deep below the sea. I’m here for two incredible reasons and the first one is Jellyfish, the Golden Jellyfish to be precise. There are so so many of them in Jellyfish Lake. The amazing thing about this species is that they use the sun to guide their movements meaning they follow the sun along the same path each and everyday, making for a delightful spectacle.

Diving deeper and you can find what makes Palau famous, the Giant Clam. These enormous crustaceans can be found on the sea bed and can grow up to 1m in length! However I didn’t get a chance to prize one open to see if their pearls were the same size??

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