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New Caledonia Flag

Continent: Oceania

Capital City: Nouméa

Population: 980,460 +

Official Language: French

Currency: New Caledonian Franc

Main Religion: Christianity

This French territory is part of a collection of Pacific Islands called Melanesia.

New Caledonia is certainly island full of contrasts, lush forests, coral reefs and beautiful beaches. There are also some amazing lagoons situated amongst the mangrove forests, including the world’s largest! One is call the Heart of Voh because it’s grown perfectly into the shape of a love heart. There was only one thing for it, I took to the air to catch a better look.

Fun Facts about New Caledonia - Kaia's Worldly Adventure
Fun Facts about New Caledonia - Kaia's Worldly Adventure

Back on solid ground I set off in search of the Kagu bird. A flightless bird that’s native to New Caledonia. It has a really odd call that sounds like a dog barking and would you believe it, uses its wings to climb trees!

Join me as we'll discover and learn about the world and every country it has to offer. I'll delve into my favourite experience, sight or people that I visit and meet along the way and give you some fun facts. I'll also be taking a snap as I travel so take a peel below to see where I've been so far.

Teaching geography for kids is so important to me so don't forget to track my progress on my World Map here and follow @archiboldclutterbuck on Instagram to be first to know of any new adventures!

Kaias worldly adventure


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