Continent: Asia

Capital City: New Delhi

Population: 1.3 billion +

Official Language: English & Hindi

Currency: Indian Rupee

Main Religion: Hinduism

I start my Worldly Adventure in my home country of India and first on my list had to be a visit to the famed Taj Mahal!


A true wonder of the world! The Taj Mahal is not a palace as it may first look but a mausoleum completed in 1643 by Emperor Shah Juhan for his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. It stands perfectly symmetrical in both its building and garden design.

Join me as we'll discover and learn about the world and every country it has to offer. I'll delve into my favourite experience, sight or people that I visit and meet along the way and give you some fun facts. I'll also be taking a snap as I travel so take a peel below to see where I've been so far.

Teaching geography for kids is so important to me so don't forget to track my progress on my World Map here and follow @archiboldclutterbuck on Instagram to be first to know of any new adventures!


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