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Bamileke is the collective name for indigenous Kingdoms that lived in the North Western regions of Cameroon. 

How they live

Living in permanent settlements they have an agricultural way of life.  It is the man's role to build and repair the homes whilst the women tend and cultivate the crop.

They live in communities that are governed by a single King, or Fon, as part of a Kingdom. The King is not voted in but is given the title hereditary i.e. passed down through his family.

Map of Cameroon
Fun Facts about the Bamileke for kids

Religion and culture

Many of the Bamileke people now practice Christianity although much of their traditional beliefs are still part of their culture.

They strongly believe in ancestral worship which means paying respect to those that have died through celebration and sacrifice.

Food and drink

Due to their agricultural way of life their staple food is corn and groundnuts. These are grown within their settlements. Meat is very rarely eaten.


The Bamileke are famed for their Elephant masks worn during ceremonial dances.

The King, or Fon, adorns himself with a head dress, decorated with thousands of tiny coloured beads. Each colour representing something significant to the tribe.


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