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...Kaia, Hans, Beans the dog and me, Archibold Clutterbuck. Find out who we are, what we're about and what inspired us on our Worldly Adventures! Whether thats teaching geography for kids or the thrill of adventure!

It would be great to hear what you inspires you to explore and learn about the world so drop us a message on Instagram, we'd love to hear from you!

Archibold Clutterbuck and Beans the Dog

Archibold Clutterbuck & Beans


Hello everyone, Archie here! Ever since I was a young boy I dreamt of being an explorer following In the footsteps of Edmund Hilary, Captain Cook, Percy Fawcett and Ernest Shackleton. Learning about the world with fresh eyes and immersing myself in everything it had to offer.


Teaching geography for kids has always been a love of mine. Imparting my love of learning about the world onto younger generations. As the years went by geography lessons seemed to be more and more centred on the science of the earth instead of cultures, people, animals and the countries they inhabit. It seemed that children were still going blindly into the world believing that what they saw on the news and heard from stereotypes was correct. This wasn't how I saw the world and I thought it was time to do something about it.


With this in mind I finally left my job, grabbed my trunk, laced up my boots and set off on my Worldly Adventure. My aim, to continue to teach children about the world around them but from first hand experience! I could still be the explorer I'd always dreamed to be and enlighten others about the incredible world we live in. Planting seeds at an early age, enthralling them of the beauty of the world, it's people, animals and cultures.

So with my trusty companion Beans the dog, possibly the best friend anyone could wish for, we are on a adventure to learn everything we can about this amazing world we call home. Beans is certainly full of mischief so expect an adventure full of fun and laughter!

Keep reading below to learn about some of my best friends who are also on their own Worldly Adventures!


Kaia Patel

I first met the excitable Kaia as I dashed into a book shop in New Delhi, India between my flight and my bus to the camel fair in Pushkar. We got talking about travel and haven't stopped since. 

She’s constantly on the move but when we get chance (and are in the same country) we get together to share Worldly Adventures!

Archibold Clutterbuck


Wow! Great memory Archie! I remember that afternoon. It was the first of many visits to that bookshop, mainly down to my bag not being big enough the first time! I was buying guide books in preparation for my Worldly Adventure, all inspired by my mother.


As a child my mother was a travel photographer and would, for most of the year, be off snapping away in different countries all over the world. When she'd arrive home she’d set up a dark room in the outhouse at the bottom of the garden and I’d sit there for hours in the darkness, slowly watching the images reveal themselves into the most extraordinary places.


From those very early moments I’ve wanted to explore the world and immerse myself in the culture, the people and the places my mother did. So my BIG dream is to travel to every country and take photographs and share with you all the wonders that it has to offer.

You can keep up to date with my adventure here

Kaia Patel
Hans Krakenbower

Hans Krakenbower


Easily one of my oldest friends Hans is one of those people you meet once and never forget. Eccentric, adventurous and full of warmth and love. He’s getting on a bit now though but that doesn’t stop him. His adventures now see him living in different parts of the world and educating on issues it faces. His love for the people of this world is truly inspiring.

Archibold Clutterbuck


Thanks for the reminder of my ageing years Archie! It is true though I’ve been very blessed with the exciting and adventurous life I’ve led. I’ve always been a bit of an adrenaline junky and I guess that’s how my passion for travel first developed.


I trained, many moons ago, as part of a party that reached the South Pole. However they reached it and I didn’t, due to a stupid broken leg whilst ice skating 2 weeks before we were due to embark. Frustrated at this wasted opportunity I decided then and there to take on every challenge (and also learn to be a better ice skater!)


This led me to reaching the summit of Everest, delving deep into the Atlantic Ocean in one of the world’s first deep water submarines, exploring the length of the Amazon and traversing the stupidly hot Sahara Desert. The last of which I wouldn’t recommend, very sweaty.


As I learnt more about the world, people and cultures I started to feel a certain responsibility for it. I now travel all over the world talking about my travels and adventures and helping people understand about the many issues that people and indeed the world face. Nothing brings me more pleasure than seeing a village draw water from a new well or charity make a lasting difference to the world as a whole.


My Worldly Adventure has been one filled with adrenaline and excitement and in some ways it still is. This world is ours and we have a responsibility to both look after it... and to explore!

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