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Your FREE 7 Continents Activity Packs

Every week to help all parents and homeschoolers curb the boredom we're giving away a  FREE activity pack on each of the 7 continents. That's 7 free activity packs in 7 weeks, packed with 12 pages of fun things to do.

Click below to download the free activity packs to print at home. Hope you enjoy!

free kids activity pack
free kids activity pack on Europe
Archibold Clutterbuck
FREE activity pack on Africa
Free activity pack on Asia
Free activity pack on Oceania
Free activity pack on Antarctica
free activity pack on North America

*Don't forget to check your emails every Friday for the next free activity pack!

There are lots more Geography  Activity Packs to keep your kids entertained...

Oceans Activity Pack

The 5 Oceans

Indigenous People Activity Pack

Indigenous People

Environments Activity Pack


Endangered Animals Activity Pack

Endangered Animals

...PLUS there's loads to learn on our FREE to use website!

Fun Facts about the 7 continents of the
Fun facts on endangered animals
Learn about the worlds oceans and seas
Archie's Extraordinary Top 5
Learn about the worlds environments
Fun Fact about the indigenous people of the world
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